Saddleback Valley Innovate Summit – Keynote
Innovation is messy. It’s complex. It’s full of risk. And it’s absolutely essential if schools are to truly prepare students for an unknown future. So what exactly does innovation mean, and how do we go about doing it?

Women in Educational Leadership Symposium – Innovate Forward
Many educators remain stuck in the daily conventions of ‘schooling.’ It’s hard to be innovative amidst standards, test scores, and parent pressure. This talk highlights the extraordinary steps one school district has taken to revolutionize the school experience. Starting with a mission/vision refresh, district leaders have created a bold plan that pushes new mindsets and new routes to success. Participants glean ways to unite students, staff and stakeholders together to advance the world!

SDCOE Equity Symposium – Academics and Innovation: Getting it Right
The world of education is buzzing with topics such as tinkering, project-based learning, maker spaces, personalized learning, and design thinking. All of these have a place and a purpose, but not in the absence of academic rigor and instructional expertise. In this session, teachers and leaders will examine practices which focus on high-quality instruction, a strong academic core, and the skills that matter most for today’s students. Participants will explore structures where learning is the focus and drives the intentional use of tinkering, project based learning, maker spaces, personalized learning, and design thinking. Environments can come alive with critical thinking, real-world applications to solving problems, and curiosity that is encouraged through creativity and innovation.

#DesignCamp – Designing the Extraordinary School Experience
Design Thinking isn’t just for UX designers. Kindergarteners can do it, too. In Del Mar Union, our mission to ignite genius and empower students to advance the world through extraordinary school experiences is resulting in a radical transformation of classroom learning. Learn the WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT to revolutionizing the traditional school experience to better prepare today’s students. Pinpoint the systems, structures, and beliefs that shape the current educational landscape. See how design thinking empowers students of all ages to be thinkers and change-agents. Leave with strategies for building a culture of innovation and examples of design thinking in the classroom to help you on your own transformational journey.

CUE BOLD – A Crash Course in Design Thinking
This conference was actually 3 different sessions. Two on Design Thinking and one interactive panel on remixing the ELA lesson plan.
Design Thinking is not just about Post-Its and cardboard projects. It’s a human-centered process and mindset to tackling complex problems through an empathy lens. By giving students the skills to think and act like a designer, they learn how to solve problems in a way that contributes positively to their community. Not only does using this process increase student engagement, improve critical and collaborative thinking, and foster an understanding of the real-world implications of their learning, Design Thinking also allows students to fail fast and learn by doing rather than avoiding failure by striving for initial perfection. And hey, it’s a lot of fun!
This crash course will provide an overview of Design Thinking, as well as tips, tricks, and strategies (and a few bad jokes) to re-engineer a traditional lesson to reflect the Design Thinking mindset.

SomeConferences At Which I’ve Presented

Achievement Gap Task Force, SDCOE

Association of California School Administrators

California Educational Technology Professionals Association

California Reading Association

Central Valley CUE


CUE Annual Conference

CUE Leadership Development Institute

CUE Rock Star Admin Camp

CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp


Equity Symposium, SDCOE

International Society for Technology in Education  

Lead 3.0

Leadership Development Institute

Learning Forward

PowerSchool EDGE

San Diego CUE

University of San Diego P.O.S.T. Tech Fair

“Laura Spencer was a integral part of the Lakeside Union School District’s Educational Technology Program. Under Laura’s direction, the 1:1 iPad take home program was successfully implemented in grades 4-8. Laura helped shape the vision that all Lakeside students are problem solvers, communicators, and collaborators. She inspired teachers to think outside the box and encouraged them to rethink what teaching and learning looks like. She constantly shared cutting edge ideas’ and resources to increase students engagement and learning. Laura supported and encouraged innovative ideas at all levels – from district support staff, administration, teachers to students. In addition, Laura put LUSD on the map by creating a social media presence to showcase all of the amazing things happening in classrooms and throughout the district. Not only was she admired and respected throughout the district, Laura’s excellent communication and leadership skills were an asset to Lakeside.”    Sandy Patterson & Kay Little, Digital Learning Coaches, Lakeside Union

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