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Innovation Keynote
San Diego County Office of Education

Innovation is when something new is created and implemented that adds value. Inventions happen every day, and every year inventions find their way into our classroom. It’s only when an invention adds value that they become an innovation. A lot of times we get caught up in the invention, or the idea. I call this the glitter dust syndrome.

Innovation Keynote
Saddleback Valley Innovate Summit

Innovation is messy. It’s complex. It’s full of risk. And it’s absolutely essential if schools are to truly prepare students for an unknown future. So what exactly does innovation mean, and how do we go about doing it?

Maverick Leadership (w/ Mike Lawrence, PowerSchool)
ISTE, Philadelphia

Inspire the maverick in all educators – give them tools and techniques to move even the most reticent educational institutions forward to benefit all kids. Attendees will walk away with immediately applicable ways to transform the culture of their campus to provide students with the best possible opportunities for success.

Abraham Lincoln Was a Woman and Other Fake News (with Adina Sullivan-Marlow, SDCOE)

To prepare our students as critical thinking, responsible citizens, we need to teach them how to search for and locate REAL information. In this session we’ll look at strategies to get to facts and primary sources. We’ll also look at how knowing these can help us to design better lessons that lead to deeper learning.

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Design Thinking & Innovation on Campus
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Community Spotlight: Classroom of the Future Innovation Award
Union-Tribune Community Spotlight Radio Show

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