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WHY WHY WHY… Keep asking WHY.

In a former life I was an Ed Tech Director. One day, my boss asked me to form a committee to develop a plan for a refresh of our classroom technology. He wanted to know what new classroom technology to buy, at what cost, and and on what timeline. I responded. “Sure, but before I… Read More

A Friendly Reminder For You

Many of us are heading back to work today – whether that’s in an office, a classroom, a laptop screen in the kitchen, or a fabrication building, I have one friendly reminder for you: Hey, I said it was friendly, not easy. Truth is, we are our own hardest critic. And now, with all the… Read More

Yes, the Kids ARE Falling Behind

I keep seeing this making the rounds and figured I’d break my self-imposed blog break by going on the record as dissenting to this claim. This type of statement screams privilege. There are millions of marginalized students NOT learning these so-called life skills right now. Millions! And not only are they not learning life skills…. Read More

No Connection - Retry

A Phone, a Pizza, and a Connection

My ex-husband lives a few hours away. He rents a small room behind a house in a not great part of town. When COVID hit, he got sick and lost his job. His car broke down around the same time. Because California’s unemployment system is so archaic, it took about six months for him to… Read More

Quote: Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out they don't" by Leo Buscaglia

Still Don’t Know Anything…

Still ruminating on my May post, entitled “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing“ Remember when we were teenagers and knew everything? My youngest daughter is there now. She’s 18, about to start college in a month, and knows it all. Until she doesn’t. And then she seeks me out, with her hands full of anxiety… Read More

The Why is the Key to the What and the How

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. Friedrich Nietzsche I have been thinking about teachers a lot lately. Many of you are working on revising, rewriting, or simply writing curriculum and lesson plans that ares responsive to the different teaching you’ll be doing as a response to COVID. I… Read More


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The point of education is to give students the capacity to live a good life.

I am passionate about teaching and learning; equity innovative leadership; educational technology, and design thinking. I’ve been a classroom teacher, an edtech director, and a school district administrator. Now, as Director of Academic Innovation, I get to take everything I know and translate it into engaging, meaningful, and equitable learning for K-12 students. And I also get to teach college students how to do this stuff, too!


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