What I Write

I’ve tried to categorize my blog posts so that people can find what they need. If you remember reading something in a post, and don’t know where to find it, let me know!



Tags are a great way to dig in and look for something more specific. Here’s some of the tags I have used in my blog posts. The bigger the word, the more often it has been referenced in a post.

#21stCenturySkills #DesignCamp #dtk12chat #STUVoice #SXSWEDU agency AJ Juliani brene brown BYOD CCSS classroom environment Creativity culture Cultures of Thinking DD 2022 Design Thinking ellen deutscher Empathy Entrepreneurship garry ridge george couros homework iPAD John Spencer Jordan Launch laura spencer leadership OneWord2018 paula intravaia personalization professional development Project Zero reading relationships Ron Ritchhart SAMR sarah raskin SDCOE seth godin STEM student agency Sycamore Ridge technology Twitter

Other Writing Samples

Apple Classroom With and Without MDM
OnCUE, 2017

iPad Deployment: This Time with Students
OnCUE, 2017

Meet the Needs of Digital Learners Through BYOD
Creative Educator, 2013