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    Innovators Unite: Closing Day at #SXSWEDU

    “When we go to conferences like this one, we load up on ideas that are going to get us to progress. We have our little tote bag – we’re going to fill it up with ideas. We hear about a new strategy…a new tech tool…we hear about all these great programs other people are doing… by the time we’re done, we are FIRED UP, we are PUMPED, we are ready to go to progress.And then we get back to our schools…”– Jennifer Gonzalez in her closing keynote I’m writing this post from San Diego. Although I am glad to be home with my family and sleeping in my comfy bed,…

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    Amplifiers Create a New Story: Day 3 at #SXSWEDU

    …I may ramble in this post. It’s 1am. I’m tired! Have a head cold. But wanted to share my learnings… 🤪🤪 Do I really have to go home tomorrow? It’s going to be hard to walk away from the synergy of woke educators at this conference, but I know that I have much work to do when I return to San Diego. Not the work of answering emails and finishing tasks (although there is plenty of that as well), but the work of amplifying the conversations and ideas that have taken place here the past few days so that words don’t just stay words, but instead become actions. I started…