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    Compliant Geniuses? Think Again.

    Our district mission statement centers around our calling to¬† “ignite genius and empower students to advance the world.” That’s a pretty tall order! Especially when, as Seth Godin explains (“The Long Term” podcast), students typically spend 90-95% of their school day on either doing what they’re told, aka compliance, or finding the right answer, also compliance! If only 5-10% of the day is open for a student to think bigger thoughts, then how in the world can we ever expect students to find their genius? Looking for the right answer? It’s easy. You can’t. If we truly want students to find their genius, then we need to provide the opportunities…

  • We read our physical environment like we read a human face.
    Design Thinking,  Teaching and Learning

    Why Don’t We Put the Bed in the Kitchen?

    I grew up in an Italian family. That meant a lot of our family gatherings were centered around food. Lots and lots of food. And since most food preparation happens in the kitchen, it came to be that a lot of family gathering and conversations happened around the kitchen as well. Apparently this same phenomena has happened in many families because we are now seeing open-concept kitchens as a selling point for homes. Understanding that the kitchen is not just about cooking, but also about communicating, designers are rethinking the traditional kitchen to incorporate this additional user need. When spaces are designed, they are designed for a purpose. A home…