Technology is Not the GrandMaster of the Ticker Tape Parade

High School Student’s FB this morning

On #CAEdChat Sunday night, we discussed ways to “pimp” our lessons so that students walk in the door jazzed to learn. Dave Burgess, author of Teach Like a Pirate, shared that he always asks, “Here’s my lesson…now how can I make this come ALIVE?! How can I create an EXPERIENCE?” 

So often, I see teachers who drag the technology out of the cupboard and expect the students to start the ticker tape parade. 

But students are bored, just like the high school student who posted the above FB pic this morning from his class.  Technology is not a ticker tape parade for them. But learning should be!

As student Alex Bockert explained during #CAEdChat, “Don’t start with all the actual work/research to be done – start with why this project will rock.”

So how will you make learning rock today?

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