SAMR Sort: Getting Teachers To See the Bigger Picture

A couple months back I attended an executive briefing about digital learning and our 1:1 initiative. During the briefing, we were led through a SAMR sorting activity. Eight different classroom projects were shared with us. We had to sort the projects in to the SAMR level we thought it best fit. We then had to defend our decisions. It was an enlightening experience.

Back at the district, my ed tech team decided to recreate that opportunity for our students. Using ISTEs Student Profiles for learning as a guide, eight K-8 grade scenarios were created.

On Tuesday, teachers attending the “New to Classroom iPads” professional development completed the sorting activity. It led to fabulous discussions about looking at learning from different perspectives. Teachers commented that most of the lower level activities could have easily been modified to advance in SAMR level.
With so much focus on using technology meaningfully in the classroom, activities like this one give teachers a better idea of just how to create that meaning. 

One Comment on “SAMR Sort: Getting Teachers To See the Bigger Picture

  1. Laura, so glad you shared the SAMR activity from the executive briefing. As teachers attending the "New to Classroom iPads" participated in this activity, the conversation was very thought provoking. Can't wait to experience it again at the 4th grade iPad training tomorrow!


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