Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

Empathy is Always Worth the Time

There are days when we all probably ask ourselves, “Is anyone actually listening?!?” Then I read tweets from teachers like this, and I realize the ripple effects from a pebble can travel much farther than seen from shore…. Read More

The Pyramid Scheme of Bloom and Maslow

I’m not sure when I was introduced to the triangle guys… Bloom and his taxonomy, and Maslow and his hierarchy… but it was early on in my teaching career. I remember being told how important it was that… Read More

Crafting a New Story of Learning

This was a fascinating read the other night… From: Making the World a Better Place Starts with a Really Good Story Kathleen:¬†One of the things I saw in the organizations that I interviewed is that they prioritize storytelling,… Read More

Don’t Sit On Grandma’s Couch: Contemplating the Pinterest Classroom

I remember going to my grandparents house often as a child. I loved being there. There was a pool with a slide and a jacuzzi; A pool house with a billiards table. A TV room with an awesome… Read More