They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

The Future of Work is Emotionally Intelligent … Are We Preparing Students?

I recently participated in a webinar by Singularity University titled, “The Future of Work is Emotionally Intelligent.” Below are some key takeaways I discovered from the discussion. Participants: Melissa Extein, PsyD, Principal Consultant & Part-time Faculty @Extein Consulting & Milano School of Policy, Management and Environment, The New SchoolNichol Bradford, Exec Director and Co-Founder, Transformative […]

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Leadership | Personalization of Learning | Teaching and Learning

Powering Personalization

For the next two months, I get the honor to spend time, like serious, dedicated, reflective time, with three groups of teachers as we dive deep into the concepts of personalization and agency. Our goal is to define how these terms are demonstrated in an elementary classroom: What teacher moves are present? What are our […]

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