A Friendly Reminder For You

Many of us are heading back to work today – whether that’s in an office, a classroom, a laptop screen in the kitchen, or a fabrication building, I have one friendly reminder for you:

“It’s okay to not be perfect.”

It’s okay to not be perfect.

Hey, I said it was friendly, not easy. Truth is, we are our own hardest critic. And now, with all the extra pressures from the pandemic, the economy, the lack of social interaction, and a million other stressors, I see a lot of people beating themselves up over perceived imperfections.

So next time you’re upset that you didn’t catch the typo before hitting send on the email, or frustrated because your lesson flopped, or angry because you set your new air fryer on fire (hey, it was an accident), please take a moment to remember that it’s okay to not be perfect. In fact, I like you better because of your imperfections.

You got this!

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