Who’s Playing?

A girl playing field hockey, mid swing on the ball.

A big reason why good athletes do well is because they don’t care what the sports blogs say, or what you said about them on Twitter.

They’re playing, you’re in the “seats” – And they understand that.

That’s the same mindset I have about other people’s opinions: I’m playing.

What, you’re going to say that I had a bad idea or make fun of me that something I tried didn’t work? ? I’m the one who’s playing.

Gary Vaynerchuk on LinkedIn

If site and district administrators (and educational consultants) truly want to make an impact on teaching and learning in the classroom, they need to get out of the “seats” and play.

A formal observation is not play.

A 5-10 minute instructional walk thru is not play.

A strategy shared in a staff meeting is not play.

How are you getting on the field and playing the game with the teachers you’re leading? If you’re a teacher, how would you like to see your instructional leaders play the game with you?

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