Holidays Are For Families, Not Homework

Today’s memory on my Facebook feed was an article I shared a few years ago. Since winter break is coming up, it’s a good time to share it again.

The Tyranny of Homework: 20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Assign Homework Over The Holidays

No time to read a long article? Here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

Stop assigning homework over vacations, and let students enjoy time with family and friends. And while they are enjoying time with family and friends, you do the same.

The packets, the grading, the reading logs – those aren’t building lifelong memories, but baking cookies together, or going for a bike ride with friends, does.


3 Comments on “Holidays Are For Families, Not Homework

  1. Hi Laura, I could not agree more. We need to honor our students’ family lives and childhood in general. Thank you for advocating for children!


    • Thanks for the support Tom! I agree that we need to honor family. My daughter goes to school until 3pm every day. I get home after 5pm. She then has sports practice from 7-9pm. Factor in dinner, shower, etc and we have maybe an hour together, but it’s consumed by homework. And honestly, most of the time that homework is busy work and really didn’t need to be completed.


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