Art of Creating Awe

“When we’re sort of infused with either enthusiasm or awe or fondness or whatever, it changes and alters our perception of things. It changes what we see. It changes what we remember.” 
– Rob Legato, movie effects creator from his Ted Talk “The Art of Creating Awe

School Board meeting introduction
Being introduced to the School Board
Last week I started a new job. No longer in Educational or Information Technology, I am now the Executive Director of Innovation and Design for a K-6 school district. Leaving my former position, and district, was not a decision that I took lightly. And yet, it was an easy decision to make. Why? Because this new district is in pursuit of awe… of wow… of creating wonder and joy for students. It was evident in their five year plan published on their website. It was evident in the weekly videos produced showcasing students engaged in learning. It was evident in the questions they asked me during the interview process. It was evident in every conversation I had with employees, colleagues around the county, and community members. And it was even evident in the description for the job being offered.
So often, in education, we get bogged down in the bureaucracy crap… test scores, union contracts, budget cuts, uninvolved parents… and heaped on that are the jargon of the day crap, like “teach with fidelity” and “21st century skills” and “1:1.” We lose sight of the fact that we do all this for those doe-eyed precious hearts smiling at us from their desks. We forget to bring the awe into what we do.
Awe can’t be found in any of those items I listed. It’s not found in a standards-based report card or in a data team meeting. It’s found when we play, when we dream, when we listen, and when we lead with our hearts. That’s what I have found in this new role. The opportunity to listen to my heart, and provide for students the opportunities they deserve, they desire, and they expect from us. 
I’m excited for this new journey. And excited to bring life back to this blog to share my awe journey. 

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