Thank you so much for presenting at our recent WEL Institute!  Your presentations were extremely well received and so very appreciated.  Please see the attached summary of the evaluations and please note that the comments are some of the most positive that we have seen.

Brenda Hall, Southern California Professional Development Federation (SCPDF)

You are an inspiring and brilliant thinker and writer! I look forward to learning from you so that I can increase my ability to more effectively use writing and story telling to share my thinking and wonderings.Your tireless efforts to provide leadership that broadens the pathway to understanding is very apparent. Your toiling and increased […]

Peg, Principal

Laura can pivot at any point to personalize, adjust or adapt her plan to dial it in to exactly what folks need right then. Her skills, ability to create excitement for educators and in-event engagement are top-notch.

Jon Corippo, Executive Director, CUE

Dr. Laura Spencer’s vision and educational expertise is well known, but her power to effect positive change comes from her generosity and her ability to build positive relationships. Laura proactively shares with her close peers as well as with a wide range of educators, wherever they might be from. Whether it be small 1-on-1 collaborations, […]

Terry Loftus, Assistant Superintendent. Integrated Technology Services, San Diego County Office of Education

I feel so thankful to have been in the personalization hub! As a new teacher, there are so many ‘firsts’ I am having in the classroom. First report cards, first parent/teacher conferences, and first units for every content area. As I delve into these experiences, I find myself looking through the lenses of personalization every […]

Shannon, 1st Year Teacher

Thank you for being so consistent with breaking down barriers and making things happen. Your support with our personalization hub has been fantastic and I learn a lot about leadership from you whenever we connect!

Abby, Principal

Thanks for always being there to bounce ideas off of. I enjoy just visiting with you for a different perspective of questions I have.

Jason, Principal

You are absolutely inspiring and just a true joy to work with, and your potential for change-making in the most positive and meaningful way for students is limitless. Our district is losing a tremendous asset with your departure, but I know that you will continue to make the best kind of waves wherever your next […]

Cat Gilbert, STEAM Art Specialist

“Laura Spencer was a integral part of the Lakeside Union School District’s Educational Technology Program. Under Laura’s direction, the 1:1 iPad take home program was successfully implemented in grades 4-8. Laura helped shape the vision that all Lakeside students are problem solvers, communicators, and collaborators. She inspired teachers to think outside the box and encouraged […]

Sandy P. & Kay L., Lakeside Union

You are making such a difference in so many ways!! It is exciting to hear teachers talk about how their thinking and their teaching is being influenced by their time with you. You are an important part of our team!

Dr. Holly McClurg, Superintendent, Del Mar Union
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