Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.
Hierarchy of Agency

Guest Blog Post: A Teacher’s Changing Mindset on Student Agency

By Emily Mackie, 5th grade teacher As mentioned in my Exploring Agency and Personalization blog on December 15th, I’ve been working with teachers to to better understand the principles of agency and personalization. As these are key elements… Read More

Agency Through FortNite? Sure. Why not?

Fortnite, and other games like it, require students to practice “teamwork, collaboration, strategic thinking, spatial understanding, and imagination,”  Stanford Graduate School of Education experts say. 5th graders would agree, although they didn’t realize it at first. I’ve been working… Read More

A Message to Our Young Design Thinkers

Today I was honored to give a speech at a 6th grade promotion ceremony. I will admit, I was scared to give a speech. I mean, I give presentations all the time. I consider myself really good at… Read More

Empathy + Action = Activist

The other day I walked in to the art classroom at one of our elementary schools. Third graders were on a mission. As artists, how might we use our creative voices to affect change in our school? our… Read More