Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

Let Them Speak

I attended a student panel on eSports. Six high schoolers had given up their time to come talk to educators about gaming and eSports leagues. Within five minutes, the questions had shifted away from students and were directed… Read More


Relationships. Culture. Twitter. OY!

I was at a Women in Educational Leadership the other day, and one of the sessions presented by a local superintendent was on culture. She shared four essentials for creating a positive culture. They are: Energize and Encourage… Read More

Has It Only Been a Year?

To culminate the school year, my Innovation and Design team published a blog post reflecting on all that we accomplished, and more importantly, all that we LEARNED, this past school year. It’s crazy to think we’ve only been… Read More

The Punctuation in Your Classroom

Photo Source: Flickr, Eric E Castro  I learned the other day that ending a text message with a period can be interpreted as insincere. Such a simple, innocuous dot now carries more hidden messages than it was ever… Read More