Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

Speak Up, Rinse, Repeat

From Adam Grant’s Originals book: When Harvard professor John Kotter studied change agents years ago, he found that they typically undercommunicated their visions by a factor of ten. On average, they spoke about the direction of the change… Read More

Defeat is Always Momentary

Defeat is always momentary. So get up. Dust yourself off. Learn from it. Embrace the opportunity for growth. And help others do the same. P.S. And while you’re here reading this, check out my daughter’s blog post on… Read More

Commit to read more books

As you may have read, my one word for 2018 is COMMIT. One of my commitments is to read more. So it was only fitting that Daniel Pink would include an article about how to read more in… Read More

The Sky is Blue. It’s Always Blue.

How many times have we been so consumed by the grayness of the clouds that we fail to remember the sky is still blue?


Commit. Commit to the challenge. The adventure. The healthy lifestyle. The quest for knowledge. Reading to learn. Reading to escape. Learning new things… Improving educational opportunities for our students. Spending quality family time with my girls… Quiet times… Read More

The Waiting is as Important as the Doing

A few days ago, I publicly declared that I was reclaiming my love of reading in 2018, and to do that, I would be trying to read a book(ish) a week. The first step in this journey was… Read More