Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

Digital Detox

For Christmas, my daughter bought me a deck of cards. But they aren’t your ordinary cards. These are Digital Detox cards. On each one there is an idea of a way to be less reliant on digital technology…. Read More

There’s More to Her Than Meets the Eye

When school dress codes focus the majority of their attention on what girls should not be allowed to wear, it sends a message. A powerful message. A message that girls are the problem. Their bodies are distracting to… Read More

Become a Better Human.

My 15 year old daughter started a blog. A blog to encourage and empower teens based on her experiences and views of the world. Her second post is titled, “…like a girl.” In it, she talks about the… Read More

Learning to Drive

My daughter got her driver’s permit, and now the state of California has entrusted me to teach her the rules of the road. (I truly think they should make adults pass a test showing that we are qualified… Read More

Finals = Lots of Homework = Stress = Sickness = Death, therefore Finals are Death

My youngest daughter is a high school sophomore. She’s the type of student most teachers love – completes her work, answers the questions, conscientious about her grades. Compliant. And a perfectionist who demands more from herself than the… Read More