Book Reads | Personalization of Learning

Creating Young Innovators through Play, Passion, and Purpose

In 2012, Tony Wagner wrote a book called Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World. After interviewing over 150 innovative changemakers, Wagner seeks to find the shared experiences that result in innovative mindsets. Sadly, but not shocking, it typically was not school that provided that spark. It was parents, or an […]

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Design Thinking | Personalization of Learning

Personalization Isn’t a Fancy Computer Program

Laura presented the idea of “personalization of learning,” meaning more in how does the teacher understand the student, build on their interests, and create learning opportunities for the student.  I can get behind this idea. The personalization of learning creates the opportunity for more depth and authenticity, whereas “personalized learning” seems to be more about knowing the “stuff”.  […]

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Career Pathways

Naturally, Adults Are Trying to Stop Them

This news article published yesterday: Teenagers are running for governor in Kansas. Adults are trying to stop them In a state where the youth voting rate is even worse than the dismal national average, more than half a dozen Kansas teens are running for statewide office in 2018 — a sort of viral movement against apathy that could, in theory, make a high school student governor. Naturally, […]

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