Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

Belonging to the Tribe

I wasn’t the most athletic kid growing up. Haha. Who am I fooling? I’m still not athletic. I tripped trying to run to first base because my legs were moving faster than my body. I fell playing kickball… Read More

Stupid Normal Distribution Curve

“Life is all about getting A’s. Not some stupid normal distribution curve.” – Ken Blanchard, author of over 50 books on leadership Ken Blanchard has studied, and written books on, servant leadership. Servant leadership consists of two elements:┬áThe… Read More

What Do I Think I Know and What Do I Have to Learn?

You never know what you will learn when you step outside your bubble. The other day on LinkedIn I saw an event posted by Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40. It was the Annual Breakfast for the MS in… Read More