Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

The Power of Empathy

When we talk design thinking, we talk empathy. But it seems that empathy is struggling to keep its place in society. In the article “The End of Empathy,” a study was shared that showed a serious decline in… Read More

Empathy Can Sneak Up On You!

“If we want people to fully show up, to bring their whole selves including their unarmored, whole hearts—so that we can innovate, solve problems, and serve people—we have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people… Read More

Pickle Hives and Design Thinking

“Babe, I was eating a pickle and it made my feet break out in hives!” Not quite the greeting I was looking for after an exhausting 14 hour day of work, evening teaching, and traffic, but that’s what… Read More

From Prototype to Advocacy

I’ve been mulling this question/idea around in my head for about a week now. Hoping my braintrust crew can help me out… As we provide design thinking opportunities out to students, I’m wondering how we capitalize on the… Read More

Empathy: Are We Walking the Walk?

This morning on Twitter, Sam Patterson posted: how do you teach kids empathy? by listening to what they say — Sam Patterson (@SamPatue) February 6, 2018 I responded, in the moment, with a quick tweet about the need… Read More

Yes, and: The Power of an Idea

Kobi Yamada wrote a fabulous book called What Do You Do With an Idea? In the book, the main character finds an idea. He takes it with him everywhere. When he first shares it with others, they scoff… Read More