Grover from Sesame Street
Design Thinking | Personalization of Learning

There’s a Fly in My Soup!

How many times have you found yourself trying over and over again to explain a problem, only to have the other person jump to solutions without quite hearing you? Reminds me of this Sesame Street routine. What I love about Design Thinking is that the focus on empathy requires the designer to truly listen, observe, […]

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Design Thinking

What is your BIG opportunity for impact? #DesignCamp

Today I had the pleasure of attending #DesignCamp. This event is a participant-driven deep dive into all things related to Design Thinking! The big levers towards deeper learning and equity for all students are: pedagogy, culture, leadership, and innovator methods/mindsets with the goal of spreading more goodness on the world (website). It was my first time attending […]

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