Laura K Spencer, Ed.D.

The Why is the Key to the What and the How

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. Friedrich Nietzsche I have been thinking about teachers a lot lately. Many of you are working on revising, rewriting, or simply writing curriculum and lesson… Read More

Designer or Design Thinker?

Innovation is when something new is created and implemented that adds value. Inventions happen every day, and every year inventions find their way into our classroom.  It’s only when an invention adds value that they become an innovation…. Read More

Boxes Aren’t For Thinking

How do you innovate from inside the box? “Think outside the box” is probably one of the most overused statements. No matter what the situation, or problem, inevitably someone will say, “We need to think outside the box.”… Read More

Quote from Joyful book

Imagining Joyful Learning Spaces

This past month our innovation team has been fortunate to work with a school staff that is looking to reimagine their library space. Currently a traditional space with plain walls, a large circulation desk, and giant book shelves,… Read More

Empathy is Always Worth the Time

There are days when we all probably ask ourselves, “Is anyone actually listening?!?” Then I read tweets from teachers like this, and I realize the ripple effects from a pebble can travel much farther than seen from shore…. Read More

Pickle Hives and Design Thinking

“Babe, I was eating a pickle and it made my feet break out in hives!” Not quite the greeting I was looking for after an exhausting 14 hour day of work, evening teaching, and traffic, but that’s what… Read More

Students’ Design Thinking Skills Sets Them Up for a Successful Future

Yesterday I received this email from three 6th grade students: Dear Dr. Spencer,                 As sixth grade students, we have been given the design challenge to enhance our school experience. There are problems ranging from balls left in… Read More

Airplane Simulation

Career Pathways at All Grades

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending the OC Career Pathways Showcase at the Marconi Automotive Museum. Who can turn down an opportunity to see vintage vehicles, talk to brilliant students, and listen to top executives from… Read More

Yes, and: The Power of an Idea

Kobi Yamada wrote a fabulous book called What Do You Do With an Idea? In the book, the main character finds an idea. He takes it with him everywhere. When he first shares it with others, they scoff… Read More