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Relationships. Culture. Twitter. OY!

I was at a Women in Educational Leadership the other day, and one of the sessions presented by a local superintendent was on culture. She shared four essentials for creating a positive culture. They are: Energize and Encourage People Foster Connected Relationships and Teams Provide Opportunities for People to Do Their Best Work Empower and […]

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Crafting a Purpose-Filled Culture

Three signals are required to create a great culture, according to Daniel Coyle, author of The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups. One of these signals is crafting purpose. “Be Ten Times as Clear About Your Priorities as You Think You Should Be.” Executives at 600 companies were asked how many of their […]

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Design Thinking

Be More Dog!

My daughter wrote a blog post about her observations and experiences while serving as the Social Media Director for SDCUE conference. In her post, she reflected on the lack of “teachers eager to keep learning and the ones who wanted to keep up with the new technologies” when she was in school just a couple […]

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