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Do What Scares You!

Remember, observe the masses and do the opposite. Do what scares you… that’s when the exciting stuff happens.” James Caan, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw

The other day I jumped on a Twitter convo about HyperDocs which evolved into a conversation about the state of education… (come to think of it, many Twitter conversations seem to take that turn lately). One of the tweets really struck a chord with me:

James Caan says we need to do what scares us. But Aaron says that educators are scared to think and teach beyond the “borders” of traditionally accepted teaching practices. So it seems to me, then, that it is imperative that we all think and teach beyond those borders…because in doing so, then the exciting stuff will happen.

And perhaps that exciting stuff is that the classroom reality changes and the “borders” become a distant memory. Wouldn’t that be grand?

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