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    Naturally, Adults Are Trying to Stop Them

    This news article published yesterday: Teenagers are running for governor in Kansas. Adults are trying to stop them In a state where the youth voting rate is even worse than the dismal national average, more than half a dozen Kansas teens are running for statewide office in 2018 — a sort of viral movement against apathy that could, in theory, make a high school student governor. Naturally, adults are trying to stop it. Naturally. Because that’s what adults do. Squash the ideas of our youth that do not fall in line with the status quo. George Couros,  in a presentation to parents, asked if any of their children want to be YouTubers when they grow up. As was expected, a few people made an…

  • Career Pathways,  DD 2022

    Bringing Industry to the Classroom

    “Our two most precious commodities are our children and water.” Ronald Fay, Retired Hydrologist and Industry Expert honoree Last night, our school board recognized the contributions of the industry experts who have given their time and expertise to inspire our students to change the world. Each of the individuals honored has made a tangible difference in the educational experience of our students. We often talk about making school relevant, engaging, and meaningful, but when you’re studying the human body and two medical students from UCSD are providing you with information and then giving feedback on your human body system adaptation prototype, relevant is the name of the game. When students…

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    Career Pathways at All Grades

    On Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending the OC Career Pathways Showcase at the Marconi Automotive Museum. Who can turn down an opportunity to see vintage vehicles, talk to brilliant students, and listen to top executives from SpaceX and Virgin Orbit? Not me! I have to admit – the programs these students had access to, both in high school and community college (and a couple junior highs) was amazing. I kept thinking, “What would my adult life had looked like if I had been exposed to these hands-on STEM programs when I was 14 years old?” Students displayed projects completed in the areas of engineering; computer science; biotechnology; fabrication;…