Design Thinking

100 Starts with 1

A while back, I read an article in Good, “A magazine for the global citizen” about a #100StartsWith1 project. The idea is to promote positive change that betters society. It’s an idea I circle back to today because I just spent three days at CUE Rock Star Admin being inspired by the passion, innovation, and creativity of school and district leaders in attendance.

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make the biggest impact. 

For example, dancing and singing during morning drop off, as this vice principal in Arkansas does every day. 

Maybe my #100Startswith1 project will be a return to blogging. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t believe my blogging will better society. But perhaps the time for me to reflect, and the ability to hold conversations with others about the current state of education, will spark a change that will lead to a better society.

It’s worth a shot. 

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